Corporate Gifts






CLASSIC - Choose a gift from our catalogue.

Choose from any of our collections – 2,500 references, from our website or from our budget-based selection – follow the link catalogue below. And our customer support department is here to help you.

SPECIAL - Create a “tailor-made” gift with us.

For gifts commemorating an event, incorporating a date, a logo, or your corporate style.  We manufacture your gifts to your specifications: colors, marking...Allowed for a minimum quantity for manufacturing.

A LA CARTE > - To be sure that the gift will please.

Select with us products according to your needs. Leave the choice to the recipients. Confirm their choices in a collective order.


9 product ranges organized by budget to help you choose :

• $ 35 budget or more : LIBRE
• $ 75 budget or more : OPTIMISTE
• $ 110 budget or more : NATURE
• $ 150 budget or more : GLOBE-TROTTEUR
• $ 185 budget or more : COSMOPOLITE
• $ 260 budget or more : HARMONIEUX
• $ 370 budget or more : AUTHENTIQUE
• $ 440 budget or more : MODERNE
• $ 735 budget or more : PASSIONNE


When you first place an order, a customer account will be opened for you using the following documents:

• The document entitled "Application to open an account",
• A statement of your bank details (RIB),
• Our General Terms and Conditions of Sale duly signed by you,
• Details of the recipients and the delivery method for articles.

We will confirm your order as soon as we receive the above items.

An initial order shall be greater than or equal to €3,500 exclusive of tax after discount – thus €5,000 inclusive of tax before discount.


Your order must contain at least 5 articles per model and per color. The order amount must be:

- greater than or equal to €3,500 exclusive of tax after discount – thus €5,000 inclusive of tax before discount, for all initial orders, and,

- greater than or equal to €1,000 exclusive of tax after discount for further orders.

You will be given written confirmation of your order, specifically detailing the following information:

• Your name and address details,
• References, quantities and unit prices for each article,
• Your billing address,
• Your delivery address,
• The recipients and delivery methods for items.

For special orders, the payment and delivery conditions are as follows:

- The delivery period will be between 6 and 12 weeks from receipt of the order.

- An advance payment of 50% of the order price will be requested.


The prices given in the enclosed catalogue are exclusive of tax. They include the LONGCHAMP presentation in a case – made of recycled cardboard – or in a plastic sachet – please note that gift wrapping, customized marking and tools required for said marking will be billed in addition – and transport in the event of delivery to a single location in mainland France.

As regards payment, unless specific conditions apply – advance payment of the order in full if it is your first order or if your head office is located outside France, your orders are payable within 30 days net of the invoice date.


An approximate delivery date will be given when you place your order.

Delivery rates vary as follow :

- Free delivery once you place your first order for a grouped delivery to an address in mainland France.

- A rate is applied on prior estimate for any orders delivered outside mainland France. The same rate applies to any delivery made to several locations or several addresses in mainland France.


All industrial and artistic property rights in respect of the brands and models are held exclusively by LONGCHAMP. The articles you purchase in the “Company Boutique” are exclusively intended as gifts in a professional context. Consequently, and unless we agree in advance, they may not be resold.

Our full General Terms and Conditions for Sales are available on request.